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Some banks grant credit cards for children under 18, they usually do so for teenagers with prior authorization from their parents; however, there is a special case of the Bank of America in which a request for a credit card was sent to a 6-year-old child.

I don’t like junk mail, as proof once, I signed up for a subscription to Entertainment Weekly using our cat’s name, Simon started receiving his own junk mail, not that I could read it. When we moved in 2004, Simon stopped receiving emails.

Simon never received credit card offers, but I suspect it is because we never gave him enough time. CBS 2 Chicago has the story of a 6-year-old boy who received a request for a credit card and obtained it.

They grant credit card to 6 year old child

They grant credit card to 6 year old child

A mother named Aurora had a little fun last April, when she received a credit card application addressed to her 6-year-old son.

As proof, he had the young Bennett Christian complete the application and sent it. She was surprised when the Bank of America sent her son a bright card with a limit of $ 600.

Bennett even placed his real birthday (in 2002) and income ($ 0), but it was still approved. If the Bank of America gives a credit card to a 6-year-old child, then they will surely give one to my cat, right? After all, Simon has needs: tuna, tuna, tuna and more tuna.

Although this story is fun, it shows how banks can be negligent when issuing credit cards. They don’t have the best interest in the consumer in their hearts. Their goal is to engage as many clients as possible, because they know that a large part of them will carry balances and pay monthly financial charges.

It’s a numbers game.


The higher the number of people who can register, the more debtors they will have as a source of income. It doesn’t even matter if people are real.

If at any time you receive an unsolicited credit card offer for children under 18, remember that you can use services such as and GreenDimes to eliminate the offer.

This prevents you (and your 6 year old son or even your cat) from falling into temptation and also reduces the possibility of identity theft.

As in the case of Aurora, there are many who have been sent a credit card application for children under 18, which shows that the main objective of many banks is to attract as many customers as possible.