Transaction tax

Anambra Government Sends Tax Claim Notices To Natives Via SMS

She said the charges are legal obligations to win over citizens to the government.

Ngige said it is a direct tax levied on a person’s income and what is payable depends on the amount of income the person derives from economic activities.

She said those who received the messages and claimed they lived outside of Anambra should go to the Service’s online portal and file statements.

“According to the law, the government can impose a tax on the personal income tax of an individual and an entity, as well as a development tax which is a fixed charge imposed on each taxable person generally in a state.

“In the case of those living outside of Anambra, they must have obtained Anambra State Social Identity Number (ANSSID) now Anambra State Identity Number (ASIN) and made a transaction with the Anambra government.

“ASIN is the tax identification of citizens to the state, since he claims to live in Lagos and do business there, he is expected to file a return and pay to the Lagos State Government .

“They must also file a declaration with the Anambra government with proof that they have declared all their income in their state of residence and are not expected to pay IRP to the Anambra government,” she says.

NAN reports that the text messages read: “Dear…, you are in default of paying N175,117.34 in Personal Income Tax for 2021 to ANSG. Pay now to avoid further penalties.”

He reports that AIRS claims the state government has an unpaid bill of 513.9 billion naira payable by around 2.1 million taxpayers in January 2022.

This amount is entered into the AIRS database under the Anambra Social Service Identity (ANSSID) number.

However, some natives and residents of Anambra have since decried the text messages and the indiscriminate distribution of tax demand notices by AIRS.

They wondered how AIRS arrived at the sum for everyone despite the differences in their incomes.

They added that the same text messages were sent even to retirees and some Anambra natives residing out of state asking for the same amount as tax.