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Apple Files for new brands, including “Apple Music Pathway,” which represents initiatives to fight racism and promote cultural change +

Several Apple trademarks have surfaced in the past week and have been registered in the United States and Europe. Most notable of these was Apple’s new trademark application for “Apple Music Pathway”, which focuses on music and the creative arts to promote and achieve anti-racism, racial and gender equality, diversity, inclusion and social justice.

Trademark: Apple Music Pathway

Apple filed an “Apple Music Pathway” trademark application that was likely initiated by Apple executive Lisa Jackson, vice president of social initiatives. The brand has been registered under three international classifications as presented below:

Class 035: “To promote public interest in and awareness of issues and initiatives regarding anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, racial and gender equality, and social justice by leading initiatives that inspire, educate, and inspire people to take action and change culture.”

Class 036: “Charitable services, namely, providing philanthropic services in the form of financial grants, donations of computer hardware and equipment, professional time, resources and advice to organizations to promote the fight against racism, l ‘Racial and Gender Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice’

Class 045: “To provide internships, entrepreneur opportunities and scholarships, encouragement and guidance for artistic and creative purposes that promote and demonstrate a commitment to anti-racism, racial and gender equality, diversity, inclusion and social justice. Provision of philanthropic services, namely internships, scholarships and contracting opportunities to underserved communities, ffocus on music and creative arts to promote and achieve anti-racism, race and gender equality, diversity, inclusion and social justice.

Apple has also filed this trademark in Hong Kong, China under Application No. 305974589 using the same international classes of 036 and 045 as their US filing.

Figurative mark: Apple account

Apple filed two trademarks relating to “Apple Account” with application #97433582 representing only the words and their second application #97433591 representing their figurative mark as presented in their graph provided below.

3 X - Figurative Trademark Application for - Apple (number) + the word Account

Apple has filed the two trademark applications in two international classes presented below relating to financial services:

Class 009: “Software; computer software for storing prepaid balances for use in connection with payment for goods and services; downloadable and recorded computer software used in electronic funds storage and payment services; downloadable and recorded computer software for storing, transmitting , verification and authentication of stored funds and gift card balances; downloadable and recorded computer software for providing electronic transaction and payment information; computer software for storing gift card balances; software computers intended to be used to make payments using stored gift card balances.

3 XF Figurative Apple TM - Apple account

Class 036: “Financial services; financial transaction services; financial information; financial services, namely, the provision of gift card storage and payment services; electronic funds storage, transfer and payment services; financial services, namely, the provision of contactless payment transactions and payment services; authorization, verification and processing of stored-value card transactions; financial services, namely, providing electronic mobile payments via mobile devices; financial transaction services , namely, providing secure commercial transactions; electronic payment services involving the electronic processing and onward transmission of bill payment data.

Apple EU trademark registration for the “Charging” symbol

Apple has registered a figurative trademark under number 018699245 in Europe (London) for their charging symbol as shown below.

(Click on image to enlarge)

5 x - Apple Figurative TM for charger symbol

Apple registered its trademark specifically under International Class 009 relating to: “Charging devices for digital electronic devices; wireless chargers for computers, digital electronic devices, mobile phones, media players, smart watches, laptops, headphones, headphone cases and computer peripherals; wireless chargers; wireless charging cases.

It should be noted that the international trademark classes under which Apple files its trademarks are important because trademark registration will only protect those classes that were identified in their original application. In a legal battle, the originally filed classes could make or break a court case.

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