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Beware of fake test kits, testing sites for COVID-19


National testing company slapped by lawsuits in Minnesota and Washington state

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced a consumer protection lawsuit last month against two companies that allegedly collected and processed samples from state residents for COVID-19 testing, but did not not provide results or have provided falsified or inaccurate results.

A third allegation: Some Minnesotans said they received test results from companies when they never submitted a sample for testing.

A defendant operated more than 300 testing sites across the United States, but announced a day after the lawsuit was filed that he was suspending operations indefinitely, “pending the resolution of federal and state investigations and claims”, said a company spokesperson said in a statement.

The defendants are the Center for Covid Control, LLC and Doctors Clinical Laboratory, Inc., housed at the same address in suburban Chicago.

USA today reported that the Washington State Attorney General sued the two companies on January 31. The center had operated in at least 26 states and processed more than 80,000 tests a day. He is now under investigation by federal and several state authorities, the newspaper reported.