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Political platform statement

Why am I running for this office:
The Port of Olympia is a municipal corporation and is responsible for creating economic development throughout Thurston County. I’m a member of the Nisqually Indian tribe and the CEO of the Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation, a port-like crown corporation. Thurston County is home to three Native American tribes who, through the economic development of reserves, provide services and products that employ thousands of Thurston County residents. As a major player in the county economy, the tribes should have a voice in local government to help build a sustainable and strong economy. As a Master of Business Administration, I will bring my experience, expertise and skills to succeed at the port to ensure that the goal of building an economy is achieved for the benefit of the whole county. At MCEC, I work with our Board of Directors to build our organization through business development, expansion and acquisition and I will use these same principles to lead the Port of Olympia. In short, I am running for the port commissioner to use my skills for the benefit of the underutilized, underrepresented peripheral communities through port operations. I am also dedicated to healing and protecting our environment. I have seen the effects of climate change and sea level rise on our local marine resources, especially our southern Puget Sound salmon. Every decision made must take into account the impacts on the environment and how we can improve it while strengthening the economy.

Education / Profession:
I grew up in Thurston County and graduated from Tumwater High School. After high school I did a year of college and decided that a career in the trades was better for me at the time. Allied Bricklayers and Craftsmen is where I landed and successfully completed the apprenticeship program, worked for 35 years as a Journeyman, Superintendent and Project Manager before taking early retirement . As I approached early retirement eligibility I saw the opportunity to get involved in economic development with my tribe and went back to school and got a Bachelor of Science in Business Management , followed by a master’s degree in business administration. I started my career in economic development as a shareholder of our tribe and three years later was appointed to our Nisqually Economic Development Board. I was hired as CEO and I hold this position today.

Position Statement 1:
Define and target the goal / vision of the port. The Port’s vision is “A port that contributes to a more resilient community”. The port’s goal is to create economic opportunities for Thurston County. The port does not offer opportunities to peripheral communities. The towns of Yelm, Tenino, Rainier and others pay taxes which help support the port but receive no benefits from port operations. Thurston County also has three Native American tribes who live and operate businesses that greatly contribute to the county’s economy, but these communities remain underutilized, underserved and unrepresented. The Port must recognize this shortcoming and correct it.

Position Statement 2:
Review and revise the strategic plan, as needed, to focus operations, in a post-pandemic world. The Port of Olympia, according to its own strategic plan, commits to: • Create economic opportunities • Act as steward of the environment • Create and maintain community assets It is important that the Commission maintains the strategic plan and the updated Vision 2025, giving the Executive Director and port staff the tools to achieve the stated goals. Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based (SMART).

Position Statement 3:
Work effectively with local governments to properly accomplish the requirements set out by the port to care for certain parts of the local environment. The port has a responsibility to be a leader in environmental stewardship. This means analyzing current operations and directing operating staff to pursue projects that will improve the port’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint. The port should work diligently with other local government agencies, including local Native American tribes, to better understand the state of the local environment and take action to repair the damage caused by decades of neglect and abuse. .

Position Statement 4:
Build operations on a solid financial footing, maximizing benefits to the community and minimizing taxpayer support. A portion of the property taxes that all landowners in Thurston County pay goes to support the Port of Olympia. Peripheral communities see very little, if any, benefit from the port and should not be held responsible for the subsidies.

Congressman Marilyn Strickland (Wa-10) Senator Marko Liias Willie Frank – President of the Nisqually Tribal Council David and Shaadootlah Iyall – Treasurer of the Nisqually Tribe / Supervisor of the Thurston Conservation District Dani Madrone – Olympia Carolina Mejia City Council – Thurston County Commissioner Helen Wheatley – Thurston Conservation District Supervisor Joan Cathey – Mayor of Tumwater Pro Tem / Council Member Karen Valenzuela – Former Thurston County Commissioner Chris Stearns – Thurston County PUD Commissioner EJ Zita – Olympia Harbor Commissioner Graeme Sackrison – Former Lacey Mayor John McCoy – Former WA State Senator from Tulalip Julie Johnson – Northwest Indian College Foundation Jeff Sowers – Thurston Velma Veloria County Democrats – Former State Representative by WA Walt Jorgesen – Former Tumwater Town Council Jeff Sowers- Chairman, Thurston County Democratic Party Deborah Sioux Lee – Former n Commissioner, WA State Human Rights Commission Nathaniel Jones – Former Olympia City Council ber Thurston County Democrats Olympia Indivisible Nisqually Indian Tribe Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation Sierra Club International Union of Operating Engineers Thomas and Jeanette Iyall – Nisqually Chief Police Officer David Troutt – Nisqually Natural Resources Manager Wayne Lloyd – Nisqually Building Manager Justine Capra – Nisqually Planning Cynthia Iyall Ray Iyall Jayana Marshall Angee and Ray Bunk Erika Montgomery – Three Girls Media, Inc. Justin Erickson – Harbor Wholesale Yvonne Erickson Christia and Barry Palizzi Madeline Bishop Nick Fediay Emiliano Perez Katherine Iyall-Vasquez Wayne Lloyd Paul Walk – Redline Communications Rose and Billy Henry David Stepetin Sue K Iyall Velma Veloria Craig McClelland – KMB Architects Principle Scott Ramsey – KMB Architects Principle Joel Carlson Lisa Breckenridge Lisa Riener Dr Allison J. Spencer, MD Carol B. Ri chmond Bri Ragsdale Breanne Bergeron Mason Rolph – Olympia Community Solar Jim Lazar


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