Churchill County Commissioners Take Quick Action In Latest Meeting

The Churchill County Commission voted to transfer funds for design work associated with the reconstruction of Front Street. Photo by Steve Ranson.

Churchill County commissioners met Thursday to approve agenda requests at the first meeting of the month.

The Commissioners approved $ 2,500 in funding for the Fallon Lions Club Junior Rodeo held over the Labor Day weekend.

The Commissioners also approved $ 5,000 for EKAY Economic Consultants to update the Churchill County Housing Needs Assessment. Commissioners received an overview of Churchill County, regional economy and demographics as well as a residential market supply (rental market / owner occupied and Churchill County residential market demand).

In order to use the information from this assessment for the benefit of the county as well as grant applications, discussions with developers, planning for economic development, growth, etc., it is important that the information is updated periodically in order to that they remain relevant and useful. .

A professional services agreement with Edrie LaVoie has been approved to provide organizational and financial structure development consulting services to Life Center as an independent contractor for $ 1,500 per week without exceeding 13 weeks.

LaVoie, retired director of social services for the Lyon department, has agreed to provide advice for the restructuring of the Center de Vie in organizational and fiscal management under the mandate of the Social Services Department. LaVoie will assist in the development of the grants, budget and organizational structure of the William N. Pennington Life Center for a period not exceeding August 2021 to support the placement of senior services under the structure of the Department of Social Services of Churchill County.

Commissioner Greg Koenig has said he would like the job to be done as soon as possible.

The commissioners approved the performance appraisal process for Jim Barbee, County Manager.

• Adopted Resolution 16-2021 allocating an additional part of the ad valorem tax levy for the Cooperative Extension for Fiscal Year 2021-2022.

• Transfer of funds to the Town of Fallon for $ 92,135.13 for the improvement of the sidewalks on Kaiser Street and the design work associated with the reconstruction of Front Street.

• Approved resolution 17-2021 adopting and certifying the Churchill County tax rate for the fiscal year 2021-2022.

• Approved positions for the Social Services Department and the William N. Pennington Living Center, which includes two full-time office specialists and a full-time office assistant for the Pennington Living Center and a bookkeeping assistant. part-time (19 hours per week) work in the social service .; approval of the class specification for the Senior Food Specialist and assignment to the pay category 39.

• Approved the allocation of Federal Payment in Lieu of Taxes (LTIP) for fiscal year 2021 for $ 2,492,770.

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