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Clariant presents the 2021 Integrated Report

  • Clariant publishes Integrated Report 2021detailing the financial and
    Nopefinancial activities of the year
  • The report illustrates Clariantit is New goal-oriented strategy as summarized by the statement Greater chemistry between people and the planet
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) apublished


Clariant, a focused, sustainable and innovative specialty chemicals company, today released its 2021 Integrated Report, which provides a transparent and concise account of all of the company’s financial and non-financial business activities for the year.

The integrated report is a vital tool for the business to measure progress, hold itself accountable for setting goals, and for stakeholders to gain a better understanding of key areas of the business. It contains the “Business Report”, the “Financial Report”, the “Corporate Governance Report”, the “Compensation Report” and the “Review on Performance, People, and Planet”. Access it here:

With the sustainability program at the heart of all of Clariant’s activities, reporting in 2021 not only focuses on disclosing important metrics to measure the company’s impact on the environment, but also how the company aims to contribute to the fight against climate change through valuable innovations in sustainable development.

“Our strong commitment to sustainability is duly reflected in our purpose statement ‘Greater chemistry – between people and planet.’ Pursuing this goal is a collaborative, interconnected and ongoing process that takes into account the needs of all Clariant stakeholder groups,” said Günter von Au, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Our integrated report is the ideal vehicle to capture and illustrate the many facets of these activities.”

Clariant looks back on a year of record profitability, which shows how the changes of the past few years have materialized to create a resilient, lean and forward-looking company, best positioned to generate value from the next megatrends in various activity area. At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 24, 2022, the Board of Directors will present the integrated report detailing the evolution of activities for the year 2021 to the shareholders for approval.

Today, Clariant also posted all other agenda items for the upcoming AGM (website link). They understand:

  • Re-election of Günter von Au as Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • The nomination of three new candidates to the Board of Directors: Ahmed Mohamed Alumar, Saudi citizen; Roberto César Gualdoni, German and Italian citizen; Naveena Shastri, US citizen. These candidates nominated by SABIC International Holdings BV are considered independent in accordance with the Swiss Code of Best Practices for Corporate Governance.
    In the event of the election of new members and the re-election of current members, the diversity of the Board increases to 36% of female Board members.
  • A distribution of CHF 0.40 per share. This distribution represents an attractive payout ratio of 49% of earnings per share from continuing operations (EPS: CHF 0.81) and is offered in the form of a capital reduction by reduction of the nominal value.
  • After more than two decades with a trusted partner, change of auditor from 2022 to allow a new start following the conclusion of the investigation into accounting issues. KPMG will be submitted for the role.

This year, the AGM will again be held virtually. Shareholders may be exclusively represented and have their voting rights exercised by the independent proxy.


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Clariant is a focused, sustainable and innovative specialty chemicals company based in Muttenz near Basel/Switzerland. As of December 31, 2021, the company employed a total of 13,374 people. In fiscal year 2021, Clariant recorded revenue of CHF 4.372 billion for its continuing operations. The company reports on its activities in three business areas: service chemicals, catalysis and natural resources. Clariant’s corporate strategy is guided by the overarching goal of “greater chemistry – between people and planet” and reflects the importance of connecting customer focus, innovation, sustainability and people. .

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