David and Jacob Proffitt to open Donut & Shanda’s Sweets by G Herdt

The interior of G Herdt's Donut & Shanda's Sweets.
G Herdt's Donut & Shanda's Sweets counter, located at 2401 Vine.
Brothers David Proffitt, left, and Jacob Proffitt will open G Herdt's Donut & Shanda's Sweets at 7 a.m. Tuesday at 2401 Vine.

Brothers David and Jacob Proffitt had a brilliant idea for their latest business venture.

Already involved in over 30 businesses, Proffitts will be opening G Herdt’s Donut & Shanda’s Sweets at 7 a.m. Tuesday at 2401 Vine.

“Our main focus is not on empty buildings in Hays,” said Jacob Proffitt. “We’re trying to open a business, to see what the city needs. Our goal, if we can break even, we’re there, as long as we can fill those empty buildings, farm Hays.

David Proffitt said the store was named after their managing director, Gari Herdt, and Jacob’s wife, Shanda, to show the brothers’ appreciation. The store will have about 20 employees, most of them part-time, and Shanda will take care of the accounting. The idea of ​​a donut shop has been in the making for a few years.

“We discuss the next two or three companies every day,” said David Proffitt. “I’ve always said that Jacob’s creativity is seeing an empty space and seeing how it’s going to fit together.”

The shop has bright colors and the paint has sparkles. It has a fun interior and is different from other Proffitts food establishments, such as Tiger Burgers and Bricks Rockin ‘BBQ.

“We already have quite a few restaurants in Hays,” said Jacob Proffitt. “We thought a place for desserts would be good.”

The Proffits emphasized that they don’t want their donut store to compete with others in town, but to complement them. While others sell donuts mostly in the morning and sell out quickly, Proffitts will sell donuts from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week.

“We don’t want to compete with them, hurt their business,” said Jacob Proffitt. “Ours is more of a gourmet donut, a more chic donut. “

There will be a selection of basic donuts as well as a dozen pre-made gourmet donuts for purchase. However, a customer can have a personalized order completed in no time, thanks to a donut robot. The order is placed at the counter and the robot forms, rolls and places donuts in the fryer. The whole process only takes a few minutes.

“The really unique thing about this donut shop is that we have a donut robot,” said David Proffitt. “We will have donuts to go. Otherwise, they can be hot right now. We can do them exactly as you want, four minutes to make a dozen.

David Proffitt said that while these are gourmet donuts, they are also affordable.

“They are really reasonable,” he said.

Donuts are only part of what will be available. There will be a large selection of candies, as well as rolled ice cream and edible cookie dough with toppings. Drinks include gourmet coffee, juices, cocoa and sodas, as well as protein smoothies. There are Fort Hays State University M & Ms and a Tiger Donut. Another donut is called the unicorn, which according to the Proffitts will be popular with children.

“It’s a great place to live,” said Jacob Proffitt. “It was our goal.”

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