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Eknath Khadse “superimposed” Rs 50 lakh and forwarded it to his wife’s account: Application Directorate | Bombay News

MUMBAI: The Directorate of Execution, in its indictment against Eknath Khadse, accused the former head of the BJP, who is now part of the PCN, of having “piled up Rs 50 lakh, received from various sources, including including Rs 15 lakh in cash, from his bank account to his wife’s bank account, claiming that she was not contaminated and eventually used Rs 38 lakh to buy the MIDC land.
Khadse’s parents spent a total of Rs 5.53 crore on the land transaction (Rs 3.75 crore paid to the seller and Rs 1.78 crore as stamp duty). Of the total expenses, Khadse’s wife Mandakini raised Rs 2.38 crore (Rs 2 crore which she obtained from a shell company, Benchmark Buildcon Pvt Ltd, as an unsecured loan and 38 lakh of Rs out of 50 lakh of Rs that she received from Khadse).
On the other hand, Khadse’s son-in-law Girish Chaudhari raised Rs 3.15 crore, of which Rs 2 crore was an unsecured loan from Benchmark Buildcon. The ED said Khadse’s relatives paid Rs 4 crore in contaminated cash to Benchmark Buildcon, who deposited the money and transferred it to Mandamini and Chaudhari as unsecured loans. The indictment says Chaudhari prepared forged backdated loan documents to show Rs 4 crore as a Benchmark loan.
In his statement to ED, Khadse said he was not aware that his wife and son-in-law had purchased the land from MIDC. He also told them that transferring Rs 50 lakh from his account to Mandakini was a normal financial transaction between husband and wife. The ED indictment sheet stated that “Eknath Khadse was the mastermind of the conspiracy to (sic) the illicit purchase of MIDC land on behalf of Mandakini and Chaudhari at a price well below Rs 3.75 crore of actual value ie Rs 22.83 crore to hit his ulterior motive of getting compensation for land based on true market value from the government of Maharashtra in accordance with the new land acquisition law.
The indictment stated that in order to obtain compensation, Khadse had been instrumental in the illicit purchase of MIDC land and had suppressed its true value.
Khadse was Minister of Revenue in the previous BJP-led government in Maharashtra when the alleged offense took place in 2016. Police recorded an investigation and filed a closing report. The court has not yet made a decision on the police report. After the controversy, Khadse was forced to resign. Last October, Khadse left the BJP and joined the NCP.
The ED had registered the money laundering case on the basis of the police FIR and on July 7 of this year they arrested Chaudhari in this case. He is currently in judicial custody.

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