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Elite Capital & Co. registers the “Government Future Financing 2030 Program” as an official mark of UK finance

Elite Capital & Co. registers the “Government Future Financing 2030 Program” as an official mark of UK finance

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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 27, 2021 / – Dr. Faisal Khazaal, Chairman of Elite Capital & Co. Limited, today announced that October 15, 2021 is an important day for Elite Capital & Co. as two important events took place on that date.

First, the UK Intellectual Property Office approved and issued a registration certificate for the ‘Future Government Funding Program 2030’ mark with Certificate No. UK00003650455.

“The registration of the ‘Government Future Funding Program 2030’ as an official mark is a unique event for Elite Capital & Co. due to the importance of this funding program, which provides financial services and solutions. unique and varied to governments around the world. this program Elite Capital & Co. and its government portfolios sign agreements with the respective government to support the country’s national projects, providing 80% of the financing needs of these national projects without burdening the Ministry of Finance with sovereign loans. The government announces projects on the basis of tenders inviting all local companies and international consortia to bid for the remaining project activities, including 20% ​​financing, construction and operations of the project, ensuring thus fairness, equality and transparency in accordance with the rules, regulations, and laws applicable in the respective country, ”said Dr Faisal Khazaal.

Second, Mr. George Matharu, President and CEO of Elite Capital & Co. Limited, announced that on October 15, 2021, the company received the ISO 37001: 2016 certificate for anti-corruption management, in addition to the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate. for Quality Management (QMS) owned by Elite Capital & Co. Limited for the past five years.

“The ISO 9001: 2015 certificate for quality management reflects the level of service we provide to all our customers, both government level and the private commercial and industrial sector. Addition of the ISO 37001: 2016 certificate for the fight against corruption to our qualifications in financial management, advisory and financing, makes us the strongest and most secure company that governments can work with on any financial transaction. As a result, Elite Capital & Co . will be subject to a quarterly financial review, as well as a full annual financial review from November 1, 2021, being one of the most stringent and transparent financial audit systems, ”said Mr. George Matharu .

Elite Capital & Co. Limited is a limited liability company which provides project related services including management, advice and financing, especially for large infrastructure and commercial projects.

Kuwaiti businessman Dr. Faisal Khazaal and Mr. George Matharu concluded their statement by saying: “The growth of the company means that we are working with an increasing number of countries and are eager to sign new agreements. with international EPC contractors in China and UK for major upcoming projects. “.

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