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Football Lovers Token unites football and crypto

Los Angeles, California, March 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Football fans come together on this unique FLT platform developed to create awareness and adaptation to cryptocurrency. While many football-related tokens are flooding the crypto space, very few offer consistent rewards and impart crypto knowledge to the community. Football Lovers Token or FLT is a hyper-deflationary token based on the BSC community offering rewards to holders; 5% Bitcoin reflection on each transaction. Additionally, the FLT platform offers features like Predict & Win, Pick 5, Staking, and Mega Jackpots.

What is the Football Lovers Token?

FLT aims to educate the football community with knowledge about cryptocurrency and bridge the gap between the community and the crypto-verse. The project aims to see every football fan own a cryptocurrency and profit from it. The platform is designed for football fans to generate passive income on every trade without any effort after purchasing the token. With Bitcoin holder rewards (5%), each holder can enjoy football games while their holdings grow. In addition, the anti-whale mechanism and the 1% burnt tax on each transaction will increase the value of the token.


  • FLT is a community-driven hyper-deflationary token offering 5% bitcoin rewards to holders on every transaction.
  • The project has a staking pool with 225% APY, which is currently live at
  • The platform offers rewards to users through football match predictions and win pools.

What are the FLT features?

The football community is one big family of over 3.5 billion football fans worldwide. FLT aims to unite these members and reward them with crypto assets. The platform offers use cases such as decentralized betting, staking, and rewards; the FLT token will be used to pay fees in the network and will be the native token for all its functionality.

The platform offers the following features-

  1. Predict and win

This decentralized pool will allow users to predict the scores of football matches and share the dividends with the winners. If there is no winner, the pool amount rolls over to the next match pool.

  1. Choose 5

This decentralized pool allows users to predict the results of 5 football matches, and the dividends will be shared according to the prediction and victory rules.

  1. Staking

The developers launched a staking pool with 225% APY to reward FLT members through POS mechanisms.

  1. Mega jackpots

FLT holders who are part of the community for a specific amount of time will receive occasional rewards.

FLT token and tokenomics

The FLT token comes with a maximum supply of 1 trillion, of which 30% will be allocated to liquidity, 20% to burning, TGE and marketing, and staking rewards each, 5% to community contests and giveaways, and 5% to the team.

Each transaction on the FLT platform will charge 12% tax, of which 5% will go to Bitcoin holder reward, 4% to marketing and portfolio development, 2% to automatic liquidity, 1% to redemption & Burn.


FLT successfully completed the first phase by raising awareness on social media and launching a dedicated FLT website. Additionally, the platform rolled out its contractual address and launched on Pancakeswap.

They also launched their staking pool which has an APY of 225%:

In the upcoming phases, the creators look forward to being listed on CMC & CG and CEX. The platform soon aims to become the largest community of crypto-enthusiastic soccer fans with its lucrative features.

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