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Here are all the candidates declared for the race for the United States Senate from Missouri in 2022 | KCUR 89.3


Candidates have until March 29, 2022 to compete in the race, so others may arrive. Primary is August 2, 2022.

Here’s who’s been in the race so far, in alphabetical order:

Republican Candidates 2022

Eric GreitensGreitens is a US Navy SEAL veteran who served as governor of Missouri from 2017 to 2018. He resigned amid multiple scandals involving sexual misconduct and accusations of mismanagement of campaign funding. Greitens describes himself and his supporters as “MAGA fighters” and has been a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump. As of September, Greitens had raised $ 1,019,771 and had $ 200,802 in cash.

Vicky HartzlerHartzler has served the 4th Congressional District of Missouri as the United States representative since 2011. She has a background in education and agriculture and is originally from rural Cass County, Missouri. Hartzler began her career as a politician in 1994, when she was elected state representative to the Missouri General Assembly, where she represented parts of Cass and Johnson County. Hartzler’s campaign advocates against abortion, vaccination warrants and other issues. As of September, she had raised $ 1,496,657 and had $ 1,651,443 in cash, making her campaign one of the best-funded Republican campaigns in the 2022 race.

Billy LongLong has been a United States Representative for the 7th District of Missouri since 2011. He announced his candidacy on Fox News and presents himself as a staunch supporter of Trump. Long says he’s determined to “get the Senate back” from the Democrats. As of September, Long had raised $ 902,250 and had $ 539,853 in cash.

Mark McCloskeyMcCloskey and his wife, Patty, campaigned for Trump in 2020, but they are best known for wielding guns against Black Lives Matter supporters outside their St. Louis mansion. McCloskey is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, pro-life initiatives, and efforts to “stop critical race theory.” McCloskey owns a law firm in St. Louis. By September, he had raised $ 856,172 and had $ 92,146 in cash.

Deshon PorterAccording to Porter’s Facebook page, he is a travel agent and podcast host. Porter is campaigning for term limits in Congress. No campaign contributions or cash on hand had been reported to the FEC as of September 30.

Dave schatzSchatz has served in the Missouri Senate since 2015 and is currently president pro tempore. Prior to coming to the Senate, Schatz served from 2011 to 2014 in the Missouri House of Representatives. He is vice president of the family business he founded, Schatz Underground, INC., Which is a utility contract company. Schatz is new to the race for the US Senate; he filed documents for execution on November 15. No financial information on the FEC has yet been released.

Eric schmittSchmitt has served as the Attorney General of Missouri since 2019. From 2017 to 2019, he served as the State Treasurer of Missouri. The free market advocacy group Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP) announcement his approval for Schmitt on November 17 due to Schmitt’s commitments to tax policies such as lowering taxes. Schmitt has repeatedly made headlines for filing lawsuits such as the one against China for its handling of the coronavirus and the one he and the Texas Attorney General filed against President Joe Biden to force construction of the border wall . By September, Schmitt had raised $ 1,986,220 and had $ 1,199,448 in cash.

Dave simsA former radio host, Sims announced his candidacy for the US Senate in June. Among many other issues, Sims advocates for action on climate change. The Sims’ financial data has not been processed by the FEC.

Democratic candidates 2022

Dr. MD Rabbi AlamAlam is a Bangladeshi native and American veteran. He ran unsuccessfully for several offices in Missouri and Kansas City, including the Missouri District 50 House of Representatives; Kansas City, Missouri, 6th District city councilor; and Secretary of State for Missouri. In 2008, Alam was appointed to the Property Maintenance Appeal Board in Kansas City, Missouri. Alam has been at the forefront of many national campaigns for the rights of Muslims. No campaign contributions or cash on hand were reported to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) as of September 30.

Kelly JewelKelly lives in rural Jefferson County. He is a US Air Force veteran, and he and his wife, Caren, work as realtors for Coldwell Banker Reality – Gundaker. As a moderate Democrat, Kelly’s priorities focus heavily on reducing health care and mental health costs. According to September campaign reports, Kelly had raised $ 6,910, with $ 2,625 in cash.

Lucas kunceKunce is originally from Cole County, Missouri, and is a Navy veteran who toured Iraq and Afghanistan. Kunce received nationwide media coverage for statements he made on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in an editorial published by The Kansas City Star. Among other priorities, Kunce’s goal is to break corporate monopolies and abolish corporate PACs. Kunce also wants to adopt a “Marshall Plan” to revitalize the Midwest. According to the September campaign fundraising statement, Kunce raised $ 1,759,596 and has $ 666,691 in cash.

Dr Gena RossRoss is currently the only female Democrat in the race. She unsuccessfully ran for Congress in the 6th Missouri District in 2020 and served as a constituent services representative for former U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill. Ross lives in Platte City, Missouri. No campaign contributions or cash on hand had been reported to the FEC as of September 30.

Timothy ShepardShepard is from Kearney and Excelsior Springs, Missouri. If elected, he would be Missouri’s first gay US Senator and he is a strong advocate for LGBTQ rights. Some of Shepard’s priorities are universal health care and better funding for education. According to the latest filing with the FEC, in September, Shepard had raised $ 50,090 but had $ 0 in cash on hand.

Scott siftonSifton is originally from Kansas City, but currently resides in St. Louis. He served as a member of the Missouri State Senate for District 1 for two terms, from 2013 to 2021. Former Kansas City mayor Sly James backed Sifton. According to the September campaign fundraising statement, Sifton had raised $ 725,502, with $ 156,957 in cash.

Spencer ToderToder lives in St. Louis where he works in real estate and is CEO of the medical equipment startup he co-founded, Atrial Innovations. Among many other areas, Toder’s campaign has a strong focus on climate change and global warming. If elected, Toder would be the youngest US senator from Missouri. He turned 36 in May. By September, Toder had raised $ 136,355 and had $ 9,207 in cash.

Independent candidate 2022

Steve pricePrice of works in residential construction. He claims to be self-financing his campaign, but as of September 30, no campaign contributions or cash in hand had been reported to the FEC.

Party candidate unknown 2022

Nick straussAccording to Strauss’s personal website, he is a retired aerospace engineer and certified systems administrator based in Chesterfield, Missouri. He is also a musician. By September, Strauss had raised $ 1,263 and had $ 0 in cash.