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NEW YORK, NY, Aug. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — ILUS International Inc. (OTC: ILUS) is a mergers and acquisitions firm focused on acquiring and growing public safety technology-based businesses around the world. The Company confirms settlement of two promissory notes from GPL Ventures, LLC (GPLV), each valued at $500,000. ILUS has also confirmed that it has received additional funding of $5.6 million from RB Capital Partners, Inc. (RBCP) for its next phase of acquisitions.

As previously recorded in his disclosures, the 6e April 28 and 21, 2021e April 2021 respectively, ILUS issued two $500,000 promissory notes to GPLV to fund acquisitions and further business expansion. ILUS is now pleased to confirm that both notes have been settled through an agreement between RBCP and GPLV.

Including the settlement of the GPLV Notes, ILUS received $4.5 million in financing from RBCP. The additional funding is used by the company to continue its expansion, including completing agreed-upon acquisitions. In addition, ILUS’ majority-owned entity, Quality Industrial Corp. (OTCQB: QIND), received $1.1 million in financing from RBCP which was used for a payment of the first tranche of an acquisition in progress. All funding obtained by ILUS has been and will continue to be documented in company filings.

ILUS CEO Nick Link said: “We are pleased to confirm the removal of the GPL debt along with the funding we have received from RB Capital. With the good quality funding available to us, we remain in a very good position to achieve our short and medium term objectives, including the closing of our next phase of already agreed acquisitions. Our reliable financial partners fully support our business and the ambitious growth strategy that we have put in place and will continue to put in place.

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