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Kincern Launches Financial Care Delivery Tool to Help Aging Parents


Kincern press release:

12 October 2021

Imagined and built by entrepreneurs with aging loved ones, Kincern has launched the most comprehensive and comprehensive online financial care tool to provide families with peace of mind. With nearly half of adults in the sandwich generation still caring for children while helping their aging parents, Kincern fills a growing void with its secure, smart and easy-to-use digital platform that allows families to move on. more time with loved ones and less. time to worry about finances and documents.

Kincern is a secure and simple service that helps families identify, manage, protect and share the financial information, legal documents and more of their loved ones on all devices. Proprietary software ensures that essential documents and financial account information can be stored on a highly secure yet easily accessible platform. Kincern is designed to be easy to use by family members who understand that an online solution is the most effective way to help aging parents.

“I have worked with organizations that care for aging adults and have seen first-hand the stress and challenges family members face when they do not have essential information but need to make critical decisions, ”said Jody Holt, CEO and co-founder of Kincern. “I watched my mom start to take care of her dad. The toll it took on my mom was hard. She spent hours and hours trying to get her finances under control. She was already overwhelmed, but afterwards Upon her passing, Kincern’s paperwork helps solve this problem by giving families the time, peace of mind and transparency they deserve.

Kincern is a truly holistic solution for managing finances and critical information for family members. The digital platform focuses on four main functionalities – managing finances, organizing documents, collaborating and sharing with family members, and educating families about financial care – all with a high level of security through encryption. It uses two proprietary tools for ease of use and security: WiseVault â„¢ and SmartParser â„¢.

The digital age can seem uncertain, especially for older people who have not integrated digital tools into their daily lives. From sharing bank details to concerns about information leaks, it can be stressful. Kincern developed WiseVault â„¢ to ensure that data is fully encrypted from the moment it’s uploaded using the same encryption technologies that already protect people as they bank, shop and manage accounts online.

The Kincern SmartParser â„¢ takes data from many different sources (such as linked accounts, scanned documents, and public data sets) to create a financial and administrative picture of a loved one. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze relevant data from these sources and link it together so Kincern users can understand their current situation and properly monitor it over time.

“My dad and I used to talk about inventions and products we needed late,” said Marc Pacelli, one of the early adopters of Kincern. “Kincern fits this category perfectly with a one-stop-shop for managing your loved ones’ documents, estate information, current financial situation, etc. Kincern is an essential and highly regarded service that is very comprehensive, intuitive and easy to use. . “

Cybercrime against the elderly has increased fivefold since 2014. In 2020, cybercrime complaints reached an all-time high, with total losses exceeding $ 4.2 billion and losses for those aged 50 and over exceeding 1.00. $ 8 billion. Kincern is dedicated to providing security and peace of mind with tools for monitoring accounts, sending alerts and updating scams targeting seniors. The company uses AI to locate vital information and monitor and deliver alerts for abnormal activity, such as late payments, notifications if an invoice has been paid twice, or if there is a pattern that suggests unusual spending habits.

“The process of helping an aging parent with their finances is essential and often requires a lot of conversation and some training on how a digital platform works and its benefits,” said Holt. “Start these conversations early. Becoming a financial caregiver is a big responsibility. Explore the resources and information on the Kincern website to learn more about how to have these conversations and the types of information most critical to providing this type of care. “

Kincern is now available for an introductory subscription of $ 10 per month or an annual subscription of $ 100. A 30-day free trial is also offered. Special group rates are also available for organizations such as retirement homes, employers, and financial management companies who wish to offer Kincern to their residents, employees, and customers.

This press release was produced by Kincern. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.


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