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KMRL staff seek transparent investigation – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

KOCHI: An internal committee has been formed to investigate the complaint filed by an employee of Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) against the General Manager of the Human Resources Department, alleging mental harassment in the workplace.

An official statement from the Kochi Metro Employees Union (KMEU) said it suspected the issues had been raised to thwart efforts by senior officials to instill financial discipline in the HR and IT department. administration. Most employees suspect that this is an issue raised solely to resist the financial transparency that the HR department insists on.

KMRL’s spokesperson confirmed that a complaint had been received in this regard. “The committee will investigate and submit a report based on the measures that will be taken,” he said. The Kochi Metro Staff and Workers’ Association (INTUC) has called for a full investigation into the incident of the attempted suicide of the employee working with the administrative department of KMRL.

According to a source, issues related to gender discrimination in the organization have been repeatedly raised by employees, but none have been resolved. In this case, management immediately formed an internal committee to investigate, creating a high level of suspicion. There should be a detailed investigation regarding every financial transaction, including the offering of space and other KMRL assets in favor of a particular employee or employees’ relatives.

According to sources, the KMEU noted that the complaint filed against the GM who was appointed after the Kerala High Court found that there was improper recruitment by the former GM. It is suspected that this was a reason to defame the current GM as revenge. There should be a transparent and detailed investigation into the incident, and officials, whoever the culprit, should be punished in an exemplary manner to prevent such cases from happening again in the organization.