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Metrobank extends its partnership with PERA HUB

Metrobank extends its partnership with PERA HUB

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (Metrobank), the nation’s second-largest private universal bank, has expanded its partnership with money transfer company PERA HUB, making it easy for individuals to send money to Metrobank account holders in all the countries.


With this service, people who need to send money to Metrobank account holders simply need to go to the nearest PERA HUB branch, complete their remittance form; and present a valid ID.

Senders can send 100 PZ up to 25,000 PZ, for a nominal fee of PHP 100 per transaction. Meanwhile, recipients can easily withdraw the money they received from any Metrobank ATM or over-the-counter at Metrobank branches for passbook account holders.

“This additional service with our partner, PERA HUB, shows that Metrobank remains committed to our customers to improve our services and provide them with more accessible and convenient channels to conduct their financial transactions with us,” said Richard So, Executive Vice President of Metrobank and Head of Retail Banking.

Metrobank and PERA HUB have worked in tandem to provide Filipinos with accessible remittance channels to help them send money to loved ones wherever they are.

PERA HUB, the retail brand of PETNET, aims to provide complementary products such as currency exchange, bill payment, airline ticketing, mobile phone top-ups, micro-insurance and other cash-related solutions and payments in its growing market.