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Pat Sutherland

Pat Sutherland passed away peacefully at the Veterans Home in southern Paris on the morning of Sunday, June 27, 2021. Pat had suffered a broken pelvis at home and died of complications from her recovery.

She is survived by her beloved husband, Don, of Bridgton; his son Mark, his daughter-in-law Kim, his grandson Erik and his granddaughter Allie of Lakeville, Mass .; his son David, his daughter-in-law Trisha and his granddaughter Nona of Salt Lake City, Utah; her daughter Mary and her partner John Masuck of Springfield, Mass .; Sister Maureen Creney of Martha’s Vineyard and her family; Brother Edward and family of Newton, Mass .; and his brother Michael of Sandwich, Mass., and his family.

We would also like to remember her love for countless friends and neighbors, but especially for the women of the Harrison Krafty Kritters; the men and women of the Harrison VFW and Ladies Auxiliary; and its pétanque league; Gerry and Natalie Dolan; Paula and Doug Holt; Marketa Tikander; Janice Bachelder; Leslie Dame; Mary Lindsey; Sue Rock; Kirsten wears; Charlie and Kathy Dietrich; Sejong and Ji Park; the Pfeil family and the amazing people of Food City in Bridgton. The memories of all the good times spent with you now support us.

Pat was the oldest child of Patrick and Anne Kelly, both immigrants from County Donegal, Ireland. Pat was born and raised in laughter and love in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. She spent her summers on Nantasket Beach in a house her father built by hand. She worked in accounting at the Boston Edison Company after graduating from high school, but was dismissed, as was customary at the time, upon marriage. She continued to talk about it even late in her life – not because this specific job had been particularly important to her, but because she didn’t like all social prejudices and any underestimation of the worth of women.

Pat married the love of his life; loved him all his life; raised three children; helped to provide for the needs of the family; and was proud of her 62 year marriage. She was devoted to her three children and grandchildren and them to her. Pat was a skilled seamstress; an intrepid traveler; a longtime Red Sox fan; a loyal reader eager to The Boston Globe; and an informed, proud and vocal Democrat. She made wonderful pies and the like. She was strong and resilient; funny; tender; magnet; and beautiful. Many of you reading this have a pair of socks she knitted just for you. She loved living in Bridgton and the view of “her mountain” down Route 302 to the house. She loved her family and many of you. She loved her independence and she loved the gift of her life.

She was the light of our lives. She will never cease to be missed. We should all strive to smile as brightly as she does, and to laugh as often. We must – and will continue to love each other as fiercely and tenderly as she always loved us.

When our family is ready, we will bring you together to help us celebrate their life. We’re not ready to do much now except cry and hold on to each other. Rest in peace and joy, dear Pat, beloved mom. Fly free and we will see you again, with eternal joy, on the other side of this life.

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