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School Governance Update: September 2022

Energy bill relief scheme

A new government program will lead to lower energy prices for non-domestic energy customers such as businesses, charities and public sector organisations, including schools, protecting them from rising energy costs. energy.

The government’s work with suppliers will reduce wholesale energy costs – and the significant increases in bills that schools have experienced.

There is more information on how the government plans to help reduce business energy bills.

Publication of the Academy Trust Handbook 2022

We have published the 2022 Academy Trust Handbook, which is effective September 1, 2022. The handbook is available in PDF format for download, with changes to the 2022 edition summarized on page 8.

This includes new information on:

  • financial reports: confirming the withdrawal of the provisional budget return result (BFRO)
  • special payments: clarify that pre-approval of staff severance payments only applies to “special” (non-statutory/non-contractual) payments
  • indemnities: confirming that trusts will be able to enter into indemnities in the normal course of business without seeking approval (further guidance to follow)
  • religious character: extend the scope of application of dioceses to all religious authorities with regard to “at cost”

Publication of guidelines for federations

We have published updated guidelines on governance processes in federations, which are now accessible.

Federations: Advice on governance processes is non-statutory advice on the governance of a federation, including the creation, operation and dissolution of a federation.

These guidelines apply to all continuing schools and continuing preschools. It’s for:

  • governing bodies of funded schools, including governance professionals
  • principals
  • local authorities
  • diocesan authorities or other equivalent religious bodies

Finding Volunteers to Become School Governors

The Inspiring Governance online service connects schools and trusts with qualified volunteers in their area who wish to become a maintained school governor or serve on a local governing body of an academic trust.

This is a free service open to all state-funded educational establishments in England providing education to pupils of compulsory school age.

People can register their details if they are interested in volunteering.

More information is available at Inspiring Governance – become a school governor.

Your advice is sought: guidance and training in school feeding

We seek the opinion of governors and administrators on their involvement in school catering.

In February 2022, the white paper Leveling Up the United Kingdom described several things from the Ministry of Education (DfE) made to reinforce compliance with school food standards. This includes investing up to £200,000 in a pilot governor training programme.

We would appreciate your views on current school dietary guidelines and what more can be done to support you in this area.

The school feeding survey should take less than 10 minutes and will end at midnight on October 14, 2022.

Members of the Risk Protection Framework – Cyber ​​Coverage and Regulatory Moot Courts

We would like to remind everyone of the risk protection arrangements (RPA) members that, to ensure that your school is covered against cyber incidents, the school/trust must:

  • have offline backups
  • register with CyberAlarm policy
  • have a cyber response plan in place

This should be done by the person who is responsible for the RPA in their school or trust.

All employees or governors who have access to the member’s information technology system must also complete NCSC cybersecurity training. For more information, see the Cybernetics Guidance Note.

In addition, DfEwith Willis Towers Watson, developed the Regulatory Mock Trial, to help governors, administrators and management teams to:

  • understand the challenges of implementing compliant health and safety management systems
  • improve the chances of avoiding enforcement action
  • improve the defensive capabilities of the school in case of prosecution

Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and will be limited to one place per member academy. You can reserve your place via the link below.

November 17, 2022

for more information contact RPA[email protected]