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The best stocks to buy now? 2 Dow Jones stocks to watch this week

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a stock market index that tracks the performance of 30 major publicly traded companies. The companies that make up the Dow 30 are some of the most followed and most traded stocks in the world among stock market investors. These include companies like Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE:GS), Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT), and The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) to name a few. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is one of the most watched stock indices. As a result, the Dow Jones is widely used as a barometer of overall stock market health.

Additionally, Dow Jones stocks are generally considered a safer investment. Many Dow Jones stocks are blue chip stocks. This means they are well-established companies with a track record of strong financial performance. For these reasons, Dow Jones stocks are often sought after by investors looking for a safe and reliable investment. With that in mind, here are two best dow jones actions to be checked on the stock market this week.

Dow Jones Stocks to Buy [Or Sell] Now

American Express (AXP stock)

American Express Company (AXP), also known as Amex, is a multinational financial services company. The company operates in approximately 130 countries. For the uninitiated, Amex provides consumers and businesses with debit and credit card payment products. Additionally, the company also operates a highly profitable merchant payment network. Currently, the company operates in three business segments: Global Consumer Services, Global Business Services, and Global Merchant and Network Services.

AXP Recent Stock Market News

On top of that, in July, American Express announced a pace for its second quarter 2022 financial results. To cut to the chase, American Express Company reported earnings of $2.57 per share and revenue of $13.4 billion for Q2 2022. This compares to consensus analyst estimates for Q2 2022, which were earnings of $2.37 per share and revenue of $12.4 billion. dollars. . Additionally, the company reported revenue growth of 30.8% year-over-year.

Apart from that, the company also released a revised forecast for its fiscal year 2022 earnings. Specifically, American Express said it continues to expect full year 2022 earnings of $9.25. at $9.65 per share. However, AXP said it has revised its full-year 2022 revenue forecast upward. In the report, the company said it estimates full-year 2022 revenue of $53.71 billion. to $54.58 billion, compared to AXP’s previous revenue estimates of $50.0 billion to $50.9 billion. for fiscal year 2022.

Stephen J. Squeri, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, had this to say about the quarter’s performance: “Cardholder spending was up 30% year-on-year on a currency-adjusted basis, driven by a strong rebound in global travel and entertainment spending, which outpaced levels of before the pandemic for the first time in April and were driven by strong growth in consumer spending. and SME spending and a significant increase in business travel.

AXP Stock Chart

Shares of AXP closed Friday’s trading session at $140.26 per share. Meanwhile, shares of American Express are trading down 29.71% from their 52-week highs of $199.55 per share. Overall, is AXP stock one of the best dow jones stocks to have on your radar this week?

Source: TD Ameritrade Terms of Service

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Johnson & Johnson

After that, let’s talk about Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). In short, Johnson & Johnson is a diversified global healthcare company. The company manufactures products and services for the consumer, pharmaceutical and medical device markets. Currently, JNJ offers a dividend yield of 2.77%.

JNJ Recent Stock Market News

In July, Johnson & Johnson announced its second quarter 2022 financial results. In the report, the company reported earnings of $2.59, along with revenue of $24.0 billion for the second quarter. quarter 2022. Johnson and Johnson released its guidance for full year 2022 estimates. In detail, the company said it now expects full year 2022 earnings of $10.00 to 10, $10 per share. Additionally, they said they estimate revenue to be between $93.30 billion and $94.30 billion. Previously, Johnson and Johnson said it expected earnings of $10.15 to $10.35 per share, as well as revenue of $94.80 billion to $95.80 billion.

Apart from that, the company announced this month that it will release its third quarter 2022 financial results to investors on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, before the market opens.

JNJ Stock Chart

Year-to-date, JNJ shares have outperformed the broader market with a decline of just 2.81%. As of Friday’s close, JNJ stock is expected to open this trading week at $166.72 per share. Will you keep JNJ stocks on your watch list this week?

JNJ Stock Chart
Source: TD Ameritrade Terms of Use

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