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The Fiji Times » “Government puts more emphasis on the professional field”

The FijiFirst government has ensured that women are no longer marginalized by putting in place policies, which have seen more women graduate at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, said government parliamentarian Sachida Nand.

Speaking in Parliament during a weekend statement last Friday, he said that since the establishment of the Tertiary Scholarships and Loans Service (TSLS), more women have qualified for scholarships and loans from studies.

He said the government is also putting more emphasis on technical and vocational fields.

“The demand for these skills has increased due to our own development needs and, more recently, given the brain drain to Australia, New Zealand and other countries,” Mr Nand said. .

“The government has funded the development of a 10-year human capital development plan and international experts in the field of human capital development and labor market have been engaged to spearhead the development plan.

“This work will take stock of our current state of human capital, assess labor market demands for the next 10 years, and identify priorities for investment through scholarships and student loans.”

He said 95% of Fijians have access to mobile and internet connectivity, while online payments and services have become the norm.

“We have more mobile phones in the country than the adult population, while digital wallets like M-PAiSA and My Money have now become a key feature of our financial transaction platforms.

“Our online payments and online services have also become equally important.”

He added that Fiji was a young country with 70% of the population under the age of 40 “and the greatest asset we have as a nation with significant investment in human capital development and technology development information and communication (ICT)”.