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Transport commissioner warns against fake employee licenses


Transport Commissioner Clive Clarke, left, and Assistant Transport Commissioner Prakash Chaitram chat with Everlee Boodoo after receiving her new driver’s license from a newly operational Licensing Division mobile sub-office during her visit to Cumana, Toco, Thursday. -ROGER JACOB

Transport Commissioner Clive Clarke revealed that people were posing as employees of the Licensing Division and selling fake permits.

During the launch of the licensing division’s mobile bus service in Cumana on Thursday, Clarke said the division was made aware of a new system to generate fake permits outside of the division’s new system.

Clarke was responding to a question from Newsday about what was in place to prevent unauthorized transactions on the new mobile buses.

Although he is convinced that the new security features are capable of detecting any illicit action, he is concerned about what is now forming on the outside.

“I ask the public, when you come to the licensing offices, to please interact with a staff from the licensing office for permits.

“What is happening again is people pretending to be agents of the agency and therefore having you do certain financial transactions and print these permits outside of the licenses because that type of activity can no longer occur in our environment.

“We can find them and that’s a good thing because when we stop these people on national roads, we can clearly see by the handheld device we have, that (their) licenses are not part of our records. So , the possibility of someone doing it through our organization is practically impossible right now.They are generated externally.

Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan said the finance ministry was also part of the division’s oversight system.

“Everything that is done here is done in real time. Thus, once this transaction takes place, it is immediately recorded in the database of the licensing office. You don’t have to wait for anything to update or anything to download. Once a transaction is made here, the Minister of Finance (Colm Imbert) immediately knows how much money has been collected.