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Web3 Inu intends to exploit the full potential of WEB3 with its RTE tokens on the metaverse and Web3

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / January 8, 2022 / WEB3 is a new Binance Smartchain (BSC) based BEP-20 community token, offering full transparency, which is already listed on PancakeSwap. This coin itself is more than just a token; Indeed, Web3 Inu intends to harness the full potential of WEB3 with its Rent-To-Earn token across the Metaverse and across Web3. This token is analogous to DOGE but applied to the Web3 concept, which will unleash the full potential of blockchain and its transparency, making it easy for users to buy, rent, upgrade and sell from real businesses around the world. .

This project will bridge the gap between on-line and off-line layers; the coin will be used in the game and all WEB3.

Let’s talk a bit about Tokenomics. The distinctive concept of WEB3 is that it is a deflationary token that will maintain the rarity of the coin.

The token has a total supply of $ 100,000 billion with 55% locked in a transparent wallet, a 1% tax on each transaction to the liquidity pool to avoid liquidity issues and ensure smooth transactions, and an Anti- Bot (a system that prevents sell for 15 seconds) to protect him from vampiric robots.

The team believe that trust comes from transparency, which is why they disclose all the numbers, planned spending and even their names and backgrounds. All data and smart contracts are traceable on the Binance Smart Chain.

The future of this project holds some nice surprises, such as their launch on Ethereum, Matic and cross-chain. WEB3 will be listed on major platforms like Binance, Hotbit, Kucoin, etc.

The first in-game NFT drops for the first holders will take place in the coming weeks. These same NFTs will allow you to earn passive income from the launch of the game. Indeed, the NFTs will generate WEB3 $ as agricultural yield from the presale until the exit of the On-Chain layer and before this one, in as the basic mechanic of the game.

Speaking of the game’s launch, the game is slated to launch around February-March 2022.

About Web3Inu

WEB3INU $ are blockchain tokens (like any cryptocurrency) that you can buy, exchange, use and spend, on the WEB3, On-Chain layer of the Web3 game. You will be able to buy them with cryptocurrencies and FIAT both inside the game and secondary markets. Additionally, NFTs will generate WEB3 $ as farm yield from pre-sale until and before the on-chain layer is released, as the base mechanic of the game.

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